TOLEDO, OH – The Luken T. Boyle Campaign for Kindness is thrilled to announce its much-anticipated Kindness Room at Birmingham Elementary, a dedicated space designed to cultivate empathy and compassion among students. Officially unveiled in late January 2024, the Kindness Room represents a significant milestone in the school’s ongoing commitment to promoting positive social-emotional development.

The inspiration for the Kindness Room originated from a powerful message delivered by Samantha Boyle to junior high students in the fall of 2023. Recognizing the profound impact of fostering kindness within the school community, Birmingham Elementary embarked on a journey to transform this vision into a reality.

Months of meticulous planning and preparation culminated in the setup of the Kindness Room, which took place throughout December 2023 and January 2024. Located conveniently off the cafeteria, the room offers ample space for students to unleash their creativity and engage in activities that promote empathy and understanding.

The driving force behind the establishment of the Kindness Room is Birmingham Elementary’s dedicated counselor, Nick Boyle. With unwavering determination, Boyle spearheaded the initiative, recognizing the importance of providing students with tools and resources to navigate interpersonal relationships with kindness and compassion.

On January 26, 2024, teachers underwent comprehensive training on utilizing the equipment and resources within the Kindness Room. Led by Boyle and supported by a team of passionate educators, the training equips teachers with the necessary skills to facilitate discussions and activities focused on social-emotional learning.

As Birmingham Elementary embraces the spirit of kindness, the Kindness Room stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring students to make a positive impact in their school community and beyond.

For Immediate Release – January 29, 2024
Contact: Samantha Boyle
Phone: 419-481-3874

About Luken T Boyle Campaign for Kindness:

The Luken T Boyle Campaign for Kindness was founded in memory of Luken T Boyle with the mission to advocate and empower youth to find their voice and facilitate positive conversations with kindness to help those affected by bullying/cyberbullying (victims, perpetrators, and by-standers) by speaking in schools, establishing Kindness Rooms in schools, by presenting our program and addressing online/social media issues.

We have 15 Kindness Rooms and your participation will help to support the many schools on our waiting list.