Taking Part In

Cultivating Kindness is a program to recognize those around the world who were spreading intentional kindness in their lives. If you know someone who has gone above and beyond to spread kindness in their community, fill out the form below so we may recognize them for their efforts!

Who May Qualify?

Anyone from around the world is invited to recognize people that use intentional kindness in their daily lives. Help us recognize the impact these people are having on others and in the community.

The Selection Process

Once received, your submission will be reviewed by our selection committee and approved for publication. Be sure to follow us on Social media for honoree announcements.


Being Recognized

The honoree will be placed on our intentional Kindness Individuals page with a photo up to 150 words describing their impact. Individuals may share their recognition on social media or other platforms to commemorate this achievement.


Spread Kindness

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