Toledo, OH – The Luken T. Boyle Campaign for Kindness is proud to announce the opening of its 17th Kindness Room at St. Pius X School, furthering its commitment to fostering a culture of empathy and kindness within student bodies and the surrounding communities.

The Kindness Room at St. Pius X School, established in mid-March 2024 adjacent to the school cafeteria, serves as a dedicated space for students to engage in intentional acts of kindness. Equipped with resources and materials to facilitate various kindness initiatives, the room symbolizes the school’s dedication to nurturing compassion and empathy among its students.

In preparation for the launch, teachers underwent training on the equipment, ensuring they were well-equipped to guide and support students in their kindness endeavors. Samantha, Executive Director of the Luken T Boyle Campaign for Kindness, had the opportunity to engage with junior high students prior to the launch, witnessing their palpable excitement and enthusiasm for participating in acts of kindness for their school and the surrounding parish community.

The establishment of the Kindness Room at St. Pius X School underscores the institution’s commitment to nurturing not only academic excellence but also character development and social responsibility among its students. Through intentional acts of kindness, students are encouraged to make a positive impact within their school and beyond, exemplifying the school’s motto of “Service Above Self.”

As St. Pius X School embarks on this journey with Kindness, it invites members of the community to join in celebrating the power of compassion and generosity. Together, let us continue to cultivate a world where kindness prevails.

For Immediate Release – March 20, 2024
Contact: Samantha Boyle
Phone: 419-481-3874

About Luken T Boyle Campaign for Kindness:

The Luken T Boyle Campaign for Kindness was founded in memory of Luken T Boyle with the mission to advocate and empower youth to find their voice and facilitate positive conversations with kindness to help those affected by bullying/cyberbullying (victims, perpetrators, and by-standers) by speaking in schools, establishing Kindness Rooms in schools, by presenting our program and addressing online/social media issues.

We have 17 Kindness Rooms and your participation will help to support the many schools on our waiting list.